~ Leopard Sky Beyrouth*CZ ~

Sex: male
Date of bird: 08.03.2012
Color: n (black)
HCM DNA test - N/N,  RKDef test- N/N

  King Charm of Beyrouth
MCO d 22 
Woodwalkers Venture Velliers
MCO n 22
Summerplace Xenon
MCO n 22
Woodwalkers Jolanda
Pretty Princes of Beyrouth
MCO d 22
IC Beyrouth Cat Cabaret
MCO d 22
Valentina Beyrouth of Forest Shadows
MCO g 09
Subaru of Beyrouth
MCO n 23
Black Youcon Cats Table Dancer
MCO n 23
Black Youcon Cats Halloween
Kissy of Koi Pond
MCO n 23
Pillowtalk Orchidea
MCO f 22
Eldon Antonio
MCO e 09 22
TipsNTails Quickstep
MCO n 22

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